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How We Can Help

The National Fertility Support Center is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3,  behavioral health care organization that provides education, counseling and support services to those struggling with infertility and the often complex family building options and decisions that accompany such. 

We provide healing grief and loss support for those that have experienced miscarriage, still birth and broken adoption plans.  Support services are also available for postpartum depression and post adoptive bonding struggles.

We specialize in helping couples build their family through embryo donation and work in collaboration with medical centers around the United States in doing so. Our staff has provided counseling and support services to hundreds of families, both embryo donors and recipients that have chosen to pursue embryo donation. It has been exciting for us to celebrate the birth of more than 300 babies to the families that we have supported through embryo donation.

We also provide education, preparation, assessment and support for those electing to build their family through egg donation, sperm donation and traditional adoption.

Post-birth services that support the on-going, communication exchange of pertinent medical updates and other types of information between donors and recipients are also available, providing a crucial, long-term service benefit to the children of each family.

Workshops, groups and individual/couple/family counseling are available through our Family Support Center.  We provide support for both donors and recipient families as they navigate the journey of if/when/how to share their child's genetic identity story or donation decision with their respective children.

Our Counseling Center specializes in supporting all children, couples, individuals and families (including those that have never struggled with infertility) who desire support services for any challenge faced throughout life's journey. Our experienced counseling staff is here to listen and provide compassionate guidance and support.


Newest Babies born through Embryo Donation!(click a photo to see all!)

  • Jonathan
  • Zoe
  • Cash and Eli