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About us

The National Fertility Support Center (NFSC) is the United State's first not-for-profit, client centered organization specifically positioned to support the medical, legal and life continuum of relationship needs of: couples electing to build their families through embryo, sperm and/or egg donation or surrogacy; donors that provide family building gifts; and their respective children.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff is passionate about their work! Our Director and fertility counselors have all personally experienced the numerous challenges that infertility can bring and therefore are keenly able to empathize with, anticipate and understand our client's needs. Recognizing that infertility can be a heartbreaking and at times confusing journey to navigate, our staff is professionally equipped to help. The staff of the NFSC have provided counseling and support services hundreds of couples and families as they have journeyed through infertility and their chosen family building decisions.

Professional Expertise

Our clinicians are master's degreed, licensed professionals. Staffing credentials include Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW), Limited License Psychologist (LLP), and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

NFSC clinicians hold elected membership in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Our clinicians have both completed and professionally led specialized trainings related to infertility, all forms of family building and donor conception counseling, including embryo donation, egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy.

Convenient Service

Night and weekend appointments are available; and most meetings take place by way of phone and/or skype – so there is no need to travel to yet another appointment or use precious sick or vacation time doing so!

National Leadership

Our CEO, Debra Peters, was co-director of the world's first professional conference on embryo donation. That conference, held in Washington, DC, was funded through a grant award provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. She created the first known curriculum training for professionals and families (donors and recipients) on embryo donation. She is a sought after presenter regarding embryo donation, infertility and the family building journey.

Family Building Support Services

Reproductive Medicine: The NFSC understands the medical journey that accompanies infertility - the terminology, the tests, the procedures and the stress that can accompany decisions that must be vetted and made along the way. The NFSC assists couples with the relational questions and needs that can accompany various forms of treatment, provide grief and loss support and educative assistance when couples must determine the best individual family building path from a variety of options. The NFSC helps couples pursue the path that best fits their individual needs and preferences. To request services, click here .

Services include:

   Embryo Donation: The NFSC is a national leader and specializes in the provision of embryo donation services. A full continuum of services is available to prepare, support and assist embryo donors, recipient couples and their respective children.
         To donate embryos, click here

         To receive embryos, click here

         To learn more about embryo donation, click here .

   Egg and/or Sperm Donation: Counseling is available to help donors and recipients become fully educated and prepared for this family building option. Because the world is changing rapidly, it is imperative that all parties receive education about all aspects of donation, including donor confidentiality and the many changes that may impact such, including a child's potential desire to obtain updated health and/or genetic information etc. To request services, click here .

   Traditional Adoption: The NFSC's director and clinicians have over 30 years of experience assisting families with infant, international and older child adoption. NFSC staff demystify and help couples understand the adoption and home study process, provide education about how to select an adoption agency, and offer assistance in understanding the various types of adoption and the differing eligibility requirements. NFSC staff can also provide education about utilizing concurrent family building plans, which may speed the path to parenthood. To request services, click here .

Professional Collaborations:

  • The NFSC is pleased to be the primary provider of clinical support services for patients of the National Embryo Donation Center.
  • The NFSC provides counseling support related to egg and sperm donation for patients of Women's Specialty Health Centers.
  • The NFSC accepts home study assessments completed by Bethany Christian Services, St. Mary's Services and other adoption agencies.