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The National Fertility Support Center (NFSC) has an organizational expertise and staffing history originating in 2005 as one of the first embryo donation programs in the United States. The NFSC originally began as the Embryo Services Program at Bethany Christian Services, a program focused on meeting the educational and assessment needs of embryo donors and recipients, as well as facilitating the actual embryo donation process.

Bethany, however, recognized that embryo donation is a complex process that operates under contract law and not adoption law, as was their specialty. Bethany also acknowledged that the Embryo Services Program would require a close collaborative relationship with the medical community, an organizational structure that  embraces and supports medically based infertility treatment and donor conception philosophies, and new and innovative service paradigms specifically designed to meet the unique needs of donors, recipients, and their children.

In order to meet the needs of those interested in supporting and pursuing this family-building option, the National Fertility Support Center was formed in 2011 and became operational in January 2012. Since 2005, NFSC team members have served hundreds of embryo donors, recipients, and their children, establishing professional collaborations with medical clinics, physicians, legal associates, and adoption professionals around the country. The National Fertility Support Center's mission is to meet this rapidly expanding familial and societal need.