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Meet Our Director

Deb PetersDebra Peters, CEO

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Ms. Peters has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of clinical counseling and adoption, including embryo, infant, older/special needs, and international. She has provided clinical counseling and assessment services for those facing infertility, embryo donors, embryo recipients, and sperm and egg donors.

Personal experience allowed her to become keenly aware of the challenges and difficult decisions faced by those experiencing infertility. With the conviction that medical treatment should be accompanied by individual education and support for the personal and relational needs that can accompany an IVF or donor conception family plan, she has became a strong advocate for thoroughly preparing donors and recipients about the choices available and the potential needs of their children and family throughout the life journey.

Ms. Peters, through the management of several federal grants devoted to creating public awareness about embryo donation, has authored four educational curriculum programs on embryo donation for potential embryo donors, potential recipients, the professional community, and the general public. In addition, she has created an educational website that provides support and resources for those interested in learning about embryo donation. She assisted in the creation of "Snow Baby," a television documentary that depicts the life journey and decisions made by an embryo donor and recipient couples.  She has presented trainings on embryo donation and infertility to medical, legal and social service professionals across the United States.

Ms. Peters is a graduate of Calvin College, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University.  She holds membership in the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and its Mental Health Professional Group. She has provided national and international training on a wide range of topics related to adoption, child welfare, leadership, and administration to clinicians and non-profit/for-profit administrators.