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The Need for Services

We are delighted to write a letter of support on behalf of the National Fertility Support Center. As an embryo donor couple currently in the process of helping another couple with their dream of a growing family, we cannot imagine going through this process without the help and support we have received from Debbie Burke. Words cannot say how much we depend on her to answer our questions, give us resources to turn to, educate us as we continue this journey, and most importantly support our decision to donate our precious unused embryos.

Because embryo donation is still so new, often even unheard of, we believe it is so important to continue to promote it through public awareness. With the process of IVF becoming a more common solution to infertility, we believe so many couples are faced with the decision on what to do with their unused embryos once their family is complete. Along with that, so many couples are faced with the heartache of not being able to conceive their own biological children. We found few resources for support available to us when we looked on our own before we were introduced to Debbie. Once again through her, so many of or questions were answered and we have received amazing support where we once felt we had no one to turn to. We truly believe this organization will be an excellent candidate to offer this type of programming and services due to their education and obvious passion and love for the work they are doing.

We believe there are so many couples and individuals whom would benefit from the National Fertility Support Center. We look forward to the possibility of receiving further services with this organization, and pray for their success.


Scot and Kim