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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is that individuals considering or connecting through a donor
conception plan will have access to an array of comprehensive support
services that will prepare and assist them throughout their journey.

Our Mission is to provide education, assistance and resources that raise
public awareness and encourage family building gifts that bring hope and
life to others.

Our Service Mandate is to provide a full continuum of education, counseling
and support services for those experiencing infertility; those offering the gift of
a family building donation; those choosing to build their family through donor
conception; and for the respective children born and connected along this

Conceiving through embryo donation and other forms of donor conception can be a beautiful path to parenthood for couples who have struggled to build a family. And, the donors that provide such a loving and life affirming gift are truly some of the most amazing and compassionate people on this planet!

As behavioral health professionals with decades of experience in traditional adoption, we witnessed the birth of the Adoption Identity Movement (openness between birth and adoptive parents and their children) that, while first greeted with uncertainty, is now embraced as best practice in adoption.  And, just as that wall of secrecy brought many challenges and sometimes pain to children placed through traditional adoption (and their families), a system of secrecy is often detrimental to children born through donor conception.  Medical and mental health professionals are beginning to embrace, understand and support the benefit of openness when building a family through donor conception.

Practically speaking, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a wall of secrecy around a child's biological identity.  The world is becoming interconnected through advancing technology, the internet and DNA databases.   In addition, in several countries outside of the United States there are now legal mandates that allow children of donor conception access to their genetic records at the age of majority.  Within the United States, the state of Washington recently passed legislation that addresses the release of genetic records to children born through donor conception.

The National Fertility Support Center believes that plan-fully constructed communication plans that allow for confidential exchange of medical and other updates (or more open plans when both parties desire such) may provide the greatest benefit to all involved as opposed to individually pursued private searches that often result in surprise or unexpected forms of contact and communication for which families are unprepared.

The National Fertility Support Center embraces the concept that all children, regardless of conception beginning, should be affirmed with the truth about their biological uniqueness, medical history and the amazing, miraculous story of how they each came to be.  We are committed to educating, preparing and supporting medical professionals and the families they serve as decisions are made and program policies are initiated that impact donor conception paths to parenthood.