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Professional Collaborations

The process of infertility treatment involves a variety of specialized groups, and an important part of the National Fertility Support Center's work is to bridge the gaps between what each specialized group offers. We desire to partner with you in order to enhance the services you're already offering to couples struggling with infertility.

If you are a....

Fertility Treatment Clinic:

We can act as your behavioral health partner to counsel, prepare and support patients who are making decisions about their donation or family building options. Most of these decisions include relational, emotional and ethical considerations and we have the expertise to help patients sort through these aspects.  We also provide classes and support groups that help patients keep their joy and stay physically and emotionally healthy while dealing with the devastating struggles and challenges that infertility can inflict in their relationships and day to day living.  We offer services that support patients through the grief and loss that often accompanies infertility and when medical treatment is unsuccessful we are able to help patients explore and move forward with traditional adoption or child-free living decisions. 

We are experts in helping patients prepare for donor conception  and provide necessary relational education, personal preparation and ongoing support.  Whether electing to build their family through egg or sperm donation, or embryo donation, we can help.

Our specialty is providing services to patients that elect to build their family through embryo donation.  We provide matching and referral services, assessment services and post-transfer support services for both donors and recipients. 

We offer counseling and support services for patients that are struggling to make decisions on behalf of cryopreserved embryos that they will not use to build their family.

We understand the growing demand for confidential communication exchange between donors and recipients and developed a ground breaking communication exchange center that allows donors and recipients to confidentially share medical and other updates over time.  Philosophically, we believe that offering the opportunity for this type of sharing is essential to the long-term care needs of the children that will be genetically connected through donor conception.

Please contact us for information on how we can work together to better meet the needs of patients.

Adoption Agency or Social Worker:

If you're an agency working with traditional adoptions, you may have families asking about embryo adoption or donation.  We can provide the resources and services for those electing to pursue embryo donation.  Our embryo donation program requires the completion of a home study assessment, which is obtained in the home community of the client and may be completed through your organization. Please contact us for additional information.