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Domestic and Infant Adoption

The National Fertility Support Center offers the following services:

  • Infertility Support
  • Family Building Options Counseling
  • Counseling Support during the often lengthy waiting period that can accompany adoption
  • Grief and Loss Support for Failed or Disrupted Adoption Plans
  • Post Adoption Counseling
    • Research indicates that approximately 20% of couples experience post-placement depression following an adoptive placement.  The frequency of this challenge may be attributed to many things including the normal stresses associated with new parenting; parent-child bonding challenges or concerns; links back to the emotional responses and feelings associated with infertility (most people are surprised to learn that parenting does not remove the years of stress that infertility can bring); financial stress; and/or the significant life/work adjustments faced by new parents.
  • Relationship Counseling and Support
    • Relationships sometimes remain united during times of challenge, such as infertility, but demonstrate the wear of the challenge once the immediate crisis has passed
  • Parent Child Bonding Support
  • Work/Life Adjustment Counseling and Support
  • Play Therapy
  • Workshops on how to/when/why parents should share their child's adoption story

Many Insurances are accepted.  To learn more, visit our Counseling Center.