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Receiving Embyros: Costs

National Fertility Support Center Program Services: $7,800*

  • Embryo Donation Counseling and Education Preparation for Recipients and Donors
  • Program Intake
  • Case Coordination
  • Records Management
  • Home Study Assessment Preparation for Recipients
  • Legal Contracts:
    • Embryo Donation Contract
    • Communication Exchange Contract
  • Coordination of Communication with/between Medical Clinics
  • Paperwork Exchange with donor's clinic, including obtaining Egg and/or Sperm Donation Contracts as necessary
  • Profile Preparation and Exchange for/between both Recipients and Donors
  • Matching Process
  • Information Exchange Between Donors and Recipients
  • Pre and Post Donation Communication Exchange
  • Counseling Support Services for both Donors and Recipients


Variable Costs Associated with Medical Treatment and Home Study Assessment

Medical Treatment Cost Estimate: $0 to approximately $4,500

    • Medications to prepare uterus to receive embryos
    • Medical Transfer of the embryos to the Recipient Mother’s uterus

Some or all of the medical costs associated with transfer may be covered by health insurance. As with all medical procedures, an estimate of costs can be made available by the treating physician and insurance provider.  Costs vary widely depending upon geographic region and the medical clinic selected to provide services. Some or all of these medical costs may be tax deductible and should be discussed with your tax advisor.

Home Study Assessment Final CostEstimate:$0 to approximately $2,500

Varies by type of homestudy selected and the organization chosen to complete such.  This expense may be tax deductible and/or qualify for a tax credit. Please discuss with your tax advisor.

FDA Testing Clearance and/or Embryo Cryopreservation Cost Estimate: $0 to approximately $1,200

    • $0 up to approximately $1,200 for cryopreservation care of the embryos from donation to placement and for the donors FDA required Medical Testing.  These fees vary widely and are based on the individual circumstances (i.e. medical testing costs could be covered by the donors insurance...)


Elective Costs:

Embryo Shipping Cost Estimate: Approximately $300 dependent upon geographic shipping locations

    • Costs associated with shipping embryos to recipients clinic only if this option is selected.

Travel Costs if traveling to donor's clinic, if this option is selected

    • Some or all of the costs associated with travel may be tax deductible as a medical travel expense.  Please consult with your tax advisor.

* NFSC Program Fees are subject to change at anytime.