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Building Your Family Through Egg and/or Sperm Donation

Using donor gametes to build a family requires a thoughtful and thorough exploration of the medical, legal and relationship aspects associated with such.  The National Fertility Support Center provides education and counseling services that help couples assess whether building a family through egg and/or sperm donation is the right family building option for them. 

The counseling and education process covers a wide variety of topics including discussion about the legal, medical, relational and potential risk factors associated with sperm/egg donation.  The process generally includes between 3 to 5 appointments.  There will be some "homework" assignments made between appointments such as video reviews etc. that will enhance the education process, provide discussion opportunities and assist decision points that you must consider and make. The needs of you and your child will be explored with significant discussion about if/how/why/when to share information with your child about their genetic identity. You'll also receive a list of reading materials and resources.