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Counseling Center

Counseling Center

We offer support services for individuals, children, couples and families along their entire life journey because...

Life can be filled with crisis and grief, relationally difficult, emotionally taxing and stressful….and it can and does bring significant challenges to most of us, at one time or another.

Counseling provides the opportunity to discuss difficult life challenges with a skilled professional who will listen, and can help you:

♦ find answers                   ♦ discover new solutions           
♦ reduce stress ♦ get "un-stuck" and moving forward
♦ learn effective coping skills                     ♦ become self-aware & self-accepting
♦ improve communication skills   ♦ repair relationships
♦ feel more sure & confident ♦ improve parenting skills
♦ reduce anxiety ♦ incorporate coping skills for depression
♦ take control ♦ lesson & eliminate challenging habits
♦ heal ♦ renew your faith/strengthen your spirituality
♦ prepare for and advance into a more promising future.

We specialize in supporting people through/with:


Marital, Relational & Family

Behavioral Health Stressors complicated by:

Financial Stress:

  • Bankruptcy/Financial Crisis
  • Budgeting Challenges
  • Spending Conflicts/Disagreement
  • Loss of Employment
  • Under-Employment
  • Youth Unemployment
  • Career Path/Change Decisions
  • Employment Challenges

Adoption & Foster Care Issues

Marital Crisis Intervention

Adjustment/Acculturation Issues

Men’s Issues

Adjustment Disorders

Mood Disorders

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Parenting Issues

Anger Management

Physical Illness and Pain

Blended Family Concerns

Play Therapy

Career Counseling

Post-Abortion Issues


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

College Student Mental Health

Premarital Counseling

Couple Therapy

Relational Coaching

Depression and/or Anxiety

Religious/Spiritual Issues

Eating Disorders

School and Learning Issues

Family of Origin Issues

Self-Esteem Issues

Grief and Loss

Separation and Divorce

Infertility & Family Building

Stress Management

Issues Related to Aging

Trauma Related Issues

Life Changing Losses

Women’s Health Issues



Counseling appointments are available daily, as well as most evenings and weekends. 

Please call (616) 455 - 1499 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Our Counseling Staff

We Accept the following Insurance Plans:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan/BCN

  • Chrysler NBU Health Blue Choices HDHP + HSA (PPO)
  • Chrysler NBU Healthy Blue Choices PPO
  • Chrysler Standard Care Network/SCN - Bargaining Unit (PPO)
  • Delphi Plan (PPO)
  • Ford Blue Preferred Plus PPO - Hourly
  • Ford CMP/FMP/BMP PPO - Salary
  • Ford National PPO Plan - Hourly
  • Individual Market Under 65 Plans (BCBSM)
  • Medicare Plus Blue PPO
  • MESSA ABC Plan
  • MESSA Choices/Choices II
  • MESSA Limited
  • MESSA Super Care
  • MIPSERS Blue Group PPO
  • MPSERS Medicare
  • PPO Plans - All Other
  • Traditional
  • URMBT - Blue Preferred Plus PPO
  • URMBT - Medicare Plus Blue Group PPO
  • URMBT - Traditional Care Network/TCN

McLaren Health Plan

Out of Network

United Behavioral Health/US Behavioral Health Plan, California/Life Era, Inc.