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Family Support Center

The National Fertility Support Center has services and resources that can fit your unique needs throughout your family’s life journey!

For Families Exploring Nontraditional Family Building

There are many complex questions and what-ifs involved when it comes to deciding if and what alternative family building path that is right for your family. When making such an important family building decision, many couples find it beneficial or even necessary to seek the guidance of an expert when working through these tough questions and decisions.

At the National Fertility Support Center, we are here to help you answer difficult questions such as: Is donor conception right for us? How will my partner or myself feel about our child’s genetic origins? How will I explain my child’s conception story? How will we cope with identity questions and issues that may arise?

Our services our designed to help you to consider all of these questions so that you are able to make the best decisions for your family!

Our services provide:

  • Discussion, preparation, and decision-making assistance of the right family building path for your family (e.g. donor conception, traditional adoption)
  • Information about embryo adoption
  • Counseling Support during the often lengthy waiting period that can accompany family building journeys
  • Grief and Loss Support for Failed or Disrupted Adoption Plans
  • Information and support for how to discuss your family building path with relatives and friends
  • Information on bonding with a non-genetic child
  • Communication with donor families
  • Individual and couples therapy


For Families who Grew Through or are Connected by Donor Conception (egg, sperm and embryo donation)

Conceiving through embryo donation and other donor conception plans can be a beautiful path to parenthood for couples who have struggled to build a family. And, the donors that provide such a loving and life-affirming gift are truly some of the most amazing and compassionate people on this planet!

The National Fertility Support Center embraces the concept that all children, regardless of conception beginning, should be affirmed with the truth about their genetic uniqueness, medical history, and the amazing, miraculous story of how they each came to be.

Our services provide:

  • Education about how to share your donation story with your children, family and friends
  • Information and guidance on how to share your child’s genetic life story with him or her
  • Parent-child bonding skills
  • Support for the communication process with your donor or recipient family
  • Skills for answering tough questions your child may have
  • Resources for parents and children


For Families who Grew through Traditional Adoption

Traditional adoption can be a wonderful way to build your family! However, this path can at times involve uncertain or rocky parts of the journey for families. For example, did you know that research indicates that approximately 20% of couples experience post-placement depression following an adoptive placement?  The frequency of this challenge may be attributed to many things including the normal stresses associated with new parenting; parent-child bonding challenges or concerns; links back to the emotional responses and feelings associated with infertility (most people are surprised to learn that parenting does not remove the years of stress that infertility can bring); financial stresses; and/or the significant life/work adjustments faced by new parents.

The National Fertility Support Center recognizes the many complexities involve with domestic and infant adoption and are here to support you throughout your entire journey!

Our services provide:

  • Post Adoption Counseling
  • Relationship Counseling and Support
  • Parent Child Bonding Support
  • Work/Life Adjustment Counseling and Support
  • Play Therapy for Bonding Support
  • Workshops on how to/when/why parents should share their child's adoption story