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Infertility Support

 When infertility blocks your journey to parenthood, you may be confronted with unending obstacles, roadblocks and painful detours. Most couples naturally become weary, overwhelmed, anxious, angry or filled with grief. We understand. Our clinical staff has personally walked this journey too. And, we're here to listen, empathize and help.

Infertility is a major life crisis for 1 in 8 couples. For the women and men fighting the disease of infertility, the infertility experience involves many hidden losses, not only for the couple as individuals, but also for their loved ones and society as a whole, including:

  • Loss of the pregnancy and the birth experience;
  • Loss of a genetic legacy and loss of future contributing citizens to the next generation;
  • Loss of the parenting experience;
  • Loss of a grandparent relationship;
  • Low feelings of self-worth;
  • Loss of stability in family and personal relationships;
  • Significant financial loss, as most infertility treatment is not covered by insurance;
  • Loss of work productivity; and
  • Loss of a sense of spirituality and sense of hope for the future.
  • Because infertility often involves major personal life issues and decisions, it is often experienced as a private matter and is not easily discussed in public forums by those struggling through this disease.
  • The personal nature of the infertility experience, and the lack of general public education about this disease, contributes to the failure of the public, politicians, healthcare professionals and the media to recognize this as a significant medical issue or to understand the substantial emotional and physical challenges that this disease presents.   This causes a lack of sound knowledge and available resources.
  • It might be surprising to learn that most insurance plans provide no or very limited coverage for infertility treatment.

 *RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

Let us support and help you:

  •  By providing assistance and guidance as you navigate through the emotional, relational and
     physical challenges that infertility brings

  •  During periods of grief and loss
  •  Explore and make informed decisions about the relational or ethical considerations associated with IVF
  • If you are struggling individually or as a couple with the emotional and relational impact of infertility
  •  Discuss, prepare for and choose the right alternative family building option - embryo, sperm, egg donation (third party reproduction) or traditional adoption
  •  Learn about concurrent family planning – this approach often decreases the time to parenthood
  •  Build a family through embryo donation
  •  If you become a parent through donor conception – we can help you decide what and when to share; and how to help your child understand and embrace the miraculous way you became a family.


We have decades of experience working with infertility and have supported hundreds of couples as they have pursued their chosen path of IVF, donor conception or traditional adoption. 

We embrace the use of today's technology: on-line chats, web conferencing, phone conferencing and internet communication so there is no need to travel to yet another appointment or use precious sick or vacation time doing so. This means that you can receive services from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Night and weekend appointments are readily available. If you live in Michigan, in-person meetings are also an option!

To schedule an appointment, please call: (616) 455-1499.

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