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Family Building Decisions

We frequently hear from individuals who regret that they did not receive more information, education and preparation before selecting their family building path. Too often, these individuals report that they received generic information, that while helpful, was not personalized or explored in such a way to meet or address their own unique, personal needs, feelings or perspectives. Sadly, most couples "don't know what they don't know" leaving them to make choices without the benefit of personalizing and adequately exploring all the relational, ethical and long-term "what-if's" associated with each option. 

Many also report that they were not fully prepared for the potential long-term impact of their decisions. They wish they had taken the opportunity to explore in greater depth the ethical, marital, family or relational aspects of the family building options that were presented to them before moving forward.

Most of us find it beneficial and even necessary to receive the guidance of an expert when working through a complex series of decisions that must be made when facing a challenge that we are not professionally trained to manage. Individuals use a builder to help them design their home, a decorator to help appoint it and a realtor to help sell it. The expertise of professionals helps us avoid mistakes, reduces costs and helps us refine the decisions facing us while providing needed support along the way.

When infertility disrupts your path to parenthood, local access to the expertise of a fertility counselor familiar with all types of family building is rare. However, National Fertility Support Center staff have the expertise to help you fully explore, navigate and select from all the parenthood options available to you. They will assist in personalizing the options so that you can explore the many "what ifs", resolve ethical questions, consider the impact of your decisions and devise a plan for moving forward. It is not unusual couples to find themselves on different pages when it comes to making decisions and our fertility counselors can help you successfully navigate disagreements and discover mutual resolutions. And, when one path does not work out as planned, our staff can provide the support and help you may need to grieve your loss and confidently and when the time is right, move forward on another path.

We will help you as you:

•  Explore and make decisions about the ethical and relational aspects associated with IVF

•  Discuss, prepare for and choose the right alternative family building option - embryo, sperm, egg donation (third party reproduction) or traditional adoption

•  Learn about concurrent family planning – this approach often decreases the time to parenthood

•  Build a family through embryo donation

•  If you become a parent through donor conception – we can help you decide if, what and when to share; and how to help your child understand and embrace the miraculous way you became a family.

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