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Snow Baby Video

Snow Baby

a Life Focus production

From the deep freeze of a science lab to the warm arms of a mother and father...

Watch the unforgettable, heartwarming stories of embryo donors who share a
life-promising gift with couples longing to have a child.


 Over 3,000 children have been born through embryo donation and adoption to date. Conservative estimates show that total births from embryo donation and adoption are increasing by 25% each year.*

*Source: Embryo Adoption Awareness



 Bethany Christian Services closed it's Embryo Donation Program in December, 2011.  With a deep conviction that embryo donation services were a life-affirming family building option in need of continued national leadership, programming and on-going services, the program staff created the National Fertility Support Center so that services could continue. The staff was keenly aware of the growing numbers of couples being diagnosed with infertility and the significant decline in family building options available through traditional adoption. The Embryo Donation programming materials created by the staff while employed at Bethany and the majority of its then current and past Embryo Donation Program clientele transferred to the National Fertility Support Center on January 1, 2012.