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Travel Support

Couples must often travel to receive the medical care necessary to have a child through embryo donation. Typically, at least two travel trips are necessary - one trip for initial care and assessment and a second to receive their precious embryo transfer. The added cost of travel can add just one more cost barrier to building a family.

Could you donate a gift certificate that can be used to help offset some of the costs incurred during their travel? Gift certificates from nationally chained entities are typically best, as travel occurs across many regions of the country.

Gift CardsGas PumpHotel Bell copy

You can help a couple build their family by donating a gift certificate from a nationally based:

Restaurant - suggested value $15 - 25

typically a one or two night stay is necessary per trip depending on the distance traveled and individual medical circumstance. Suggested value $75 - $100

Gas Station
- suggested value $25 - 50

- or donate airline miles to support those that must travel a great distance from home


Gift Certificates may be mailed to:

The National Fertility Support Center
2180 44th Street, SE
Suite 108
Kentwood, MI 49508

In order to receive a receipt for your gift, please include all pertinent information (your name, address, phone number and email address) when submitting your gift. If the certificate was donated directly by a business and you gathered such in support of the National Fertility Support Center please note such and the receipt can be directly sent to the donor.