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Become an Advocate

become advWe can't move forward without the valuable passion of advocates like you. How can I be an advocate you may ask? We invite you to help us in the following ways:

Shout it out!

Please tell others about why we're here and the support we offer. Know someone who's struggling with infertility? Refer them to us so we can offer compassion and guidance. Share our information with clinics, businesses and churches too.


Visit our volunteer page for specific needs we have right now.


Write a letter

A bill has been introduced in Congress that would provide an income tax based credit for qualified infertility treatment expenses. This will mean more affordable treatment options for couples who are trying to build families.

The Family Act of 2011 (s 965, H.R. 3522) bill was introduced to the Senate in May of 2011 by NY Senator Gillibrand and to the House of Representatives in November of 2011 by Representative John Lewis. It will amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow an income-based tax credit for qualified infertility treatment expenses. RESOLVE is actively advocating for this bill as an organization and you can join their efforts here .


Sometimes one of the simplest and most meaningful ways to help is just to listen. Learn about what we're doing and keep up with our developments by liking us on facebook , following us on twitter and subscribing to our newsletter.