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Right now we're in particular need of specialized media and technical talent:

      Persuasive Writer: It's the writer who ties the loose ends of an organization's identity together. Right now we are in need of someone who can add just the right verbal flavor to some special stories we have on file. Contact us if you're a person who likes to capture the heart of an issue and write to others about it.

      Graphic Designer:  Your flair for design will help make our publications  pop. 
      Could you gift a few hours of your time and talents?

      Video-Grapher: Are you a video camera fanatic? Do you like putting together compelling cinema? We are hoping to find someone who can help us put together some cool clips of our work.

      Fundraising Supporter: Could you organize a fundraiser in your local community and raise awareness and support for our cause? Might you be able to contact a nationally positioned restaurant, hotel or gas station and request the donation of gift cards? These gift cards will be used to support couples (and help reduce costs) when they must travel for medical care and embryo transfer services.

      Social Media Guru: We're in great need of someone who knows how to work the Social Media scene. Are you someone who can't stop tweeting and loves to snag fans on Facebook? Can you network our cause to your connections and help us build a following?